Autism F84

Dr. Michael Chez, neurologist, published the results of the treatment of autistic disorders (autism and Asperger’s Syndrome).

Dr. Michael Chez is a pioneer in the use of carnosine in autistic people (child neurologist from Chicago), who also published the results on the treatment of autistic disorders (autism and Asperger’s Syndrome). Since 2001 he has treated nearly 1,000 autistic children through carnosine.

As reported by him, the condition had already significantly improved within 8 weeks from the initiation of treatment in 80 to 90% of people. According to what Dr. Chez states, carnosine acts in the frontal parts of the brain, where it combines its effects with the effects of the neurotransmitters active in the deep part of the brain.

The remarkable results of this treatment were also confirmed by the parents of autistic children, even after the first week following the start of treatment. Improvement was not only in the communicative field, but also in behavior and social contact.

In the treatment of dyslexia Dr. Chez also demonstrated improvement, especially in the field of reading abilities and the level of vigilance.

In addition to the reports of the treatment of the above number of autistic children, Dr. Chez also carried out a double-blind study in 31 autistic children with similar results. 400 mg of carnosine were administered per day and no side effects were observed.