It can be said that I learned about CARNOSINE YOUNGER in hour “H” when I felt the worst in terms of health. The cause for my poor health was the effects of injection hormone therapy, which I was undergoing at that time after laparoscopic myomectomy and the removal of the endometriosis deposit. During the first measurement, Doctor Kučera said that I had a completely messed-up and disrupted hormonal and autonomous system. To date, all my results are closer to normal. Eight months ago, I would hardly have believed that I would ever again feel like I do today. I feel much better, I’m full of strength and have energy to spare, and I think that says it all.

30, Prešov  

He has been taking CARNOSINE YOUNGER since July 2013.
In Andrej’s case complications occurred as soon as he came into the world. He did not have enough oxygen, causing brain damage. After two months of using CARNOSINE YOUNGER, everyone observed that he is more at peace. In September, he was able to sit still at the barber’s for the first time, which was previously quite a big problem. At school he is more attentive and independent. At night, he has a more peaceful sleep, wakes up rested. Improvements also occurred in problems with speech. He’s increasingly easier to understand. 2014 was a very difficult year emotionally and I believe that thanks to carnosine he handled it very well.

14, Bratislava  

I have been taking CARNOSINE YOUNGER regularly since September 2014. I’m an athlete. In late July 2014, I was in poor physical and fitness condition. I was not able to run, I was without energy. Since taking Carnosine, my condition, performance and energy have been gradually improving. I feel physically and mentally fit. My immune system has improved – I’m healthy.

30, Bratislava  

I have been taking CARNOSINE YOUNGER regularly since April 2014. I have been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for 15 years already. I feel stronger, have more energy, I can extend the interval between the administration of medication or reduce the dosage of drugs for Parkinsonism. CARNOSINE YOUNGER greatly improved my life in the sense that I’m still able to actively work, and gave me hope that I can reverse degeneration to regeneration, and that’s what I consider the greatest success while taking CARNOSINE YOUNGER.

55, Žilina  

I started taking CARNOSINE YOUNGER in May 2013 while relatively healthy. Already after a week of use, the cramps in my legs (feet) disappeared. My daily rhythm gradually altered (better sleep quality, waking up with a feeling of joy). I feel the flow of energy at the right time. Not only the sense of rejuvenation, but also appearance, is amazing. My immunity has also adjusted since the beginning use. I’m healthy and more resistant to common diseases.

51, Bratislava  

I have been taking CARNOSINE YOUNGER regularly since 2011 after overcoming a second heart attack, alongside conservative treatment. In 2013, I overcame a stroke as an indirect result of the heart attacks. Also thanks to the use of CARNOSINE I’m living a full life, which means that I work full-time and do regular sports appropriately. An independent measurement of the heart exhibits minimal loss of blood supply to the heart.

59, Bratislava