to detect the state of the body

The KARDIVAR device was constructed by Russian scientists to measure heart rate variability (HRV). HRV represents one of the principles traditional Chinese medicine is based on. HRV shows whether our autonomous system is in harmony and whether its components are working properly. The fact of how the heartbeat is managed provides answers to a variety of information about the internal environment of the body.

How is the measuring itself done? In the measurement using the KARDIVAR device, the client’s standard ECG is first measured (in a sitting position). The electrodes are applied on the upper and lower extremities. The measurement takes about 5 minutes.

The measured ECG values from the KARDIVAR device are then transferred to the graph, which is referred to in the actual consultation.

The measurement of heart rhythm variability is a classic medical diagnostic method and also the best medical tests for assessing the level of PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS in the autonomic nervous system (independent).

PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS is a condition when our nervous system is not in balance. The greater part of the nervous system is known as the autonomic nervous system, which works automatically. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) has two parts:

the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which takes care of the development, treatment and maintenance of the body, and

the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) – the one also called the “attack or escape” system. That is when the blood flow changes: blood does not flow into the stomach, the front of the brain, kidneys and liver anymore, but it mostly flows to the muscles because the body knows that it is being threatened by something and needs to have the strength to fight or flee. At that moment, therefore, it ceases to process food in the intestines, get rid of toxins from the liver, to balance the electrolyte level in the kidneys, or think creatively. This is a special situation and the body has to defend itself. But what happens when one is in continuous stress? Their body has permanent tension, the muscles are tightened, they are under constant pressure and thus the internal organs begin to be damaged, especially the immune system. The damage is done both at the organ and cellular level. Stress causes changes in all organs, especially with regard to the excretion of adrenaline, cortisol, glucose, insulin and growth hormones.

Causes of stress are energy problems in the body. Stress is caused by a lack of energy at the cellular level. Due to excessive stress, the cells reach the “fight or flight” emergency state, and in that moment, all the cells in the body are sealed to preserve energy. The problem is that the cells do not receive oxygen in this moment, not getting nutrition, glucose. The cell power plants – mitochondria – are without fuel. When mitochondria are functioning correctly, the cells are functioning properly and thus also the whole body. Cells need oxygen and glucose, and must be capable of waste elimination. But when this process stops, they are weakened or die.

What is the result?

The result of the measurement by the KARDIVAR device is to determine the current state of the body’s internal environment. The client learns:

How the regenerative processes in their body work

How their body is capable of producing energy and whether it is sufficient

How their body reacts to stress (chemical, physical, psychological, physical)

Whether there is an overload of the body due to decreased energy production

Whether the centers responsible for immunity are active

What stage the aging processes is at

What is it good for?

This examination using the KARDIVAR device is a unique form of prevention!

If the client suffers from a chronic illness, it is possible to verify how much the body has to “fight” to maintain a normal and functional environment.

If the client is often tired, we verify if the body is able to form energy.

A healthy person can verify how they cope with stressful situations and how the body can adapt to the increased load.

If the client plans to adjust weight, we can verify that the fat metabolism is operational.

If the client does sports, we can verify that they are not overloaded by excessively high training.

If the client suffers from allergies, we can check whether it is due to decreased adrenal gland function.

If the client is exposed to long-term chronic stress (negative stress, high physical stress), we can verify that the body is not exhausted, leading to the launching of a number of diseases and body failure.

The KARDIVAR measuring and consequently the proposed recommendations can significantly improve health regarding a variety of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, etc. – thus, in diseases associated with the aging process and following the aging process. It can be conveniently used to monitor the effectiveness of patient treatment in various diagnoses.


Currently, the methods and significance of heart rate variability analysis – HRV, are widely recognized. Research in this area has been ongoing for decades. The measuring method using the KARDIVAR device has been verified in a large number of patients. The satisfied patients whom we help resolve their health problems or mental condition has been increasing.

This method is also presented in the work of MUDr. Michael Kučera (Mitochondrial and Bioregulatory Medicine – www.drkucera.eu) with the practical evaluation of the mitochondrial therapy effects.

The research activities of the internationally recognized expert on mitochondrial medicine, MUDr. M. Kučera, were recognized in 2000 through the 2000 IMMA-PRIZE award for the clinically relevant achievement of results in this area. MUDr. Kučera is a member of many research teams throughout Europe and the USA. He is the co-creator of the KARDIVAR device.

Mitochondrial medicine is becoming a part of medicine in many countries, especially in the US and Europe, in particular Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. This new area, also called “ANTI-AGING MEDICINE,” is becoming a center of worldwide interest and much research in the field of medicine. KARDIVAR is an important part of its rapid ability to track the effectiveness of the chosen treatment.

This method is very fast. It demonstrates the health conditions and all other risks that threaten us both in regards to current and also long-term genetic predispositions: whatever threatens us in the future.

The importance of this examination using the KARDIVAR device is so enormous that in 10 years this examination is due to become part of each physician’s examination: conclusion of the International Health Federation.

MUDr. Michael Kučera

Currently, more than 900 published studies on CARNOSINE. Research is done by experts in many countries, including MUDr. Michael Kučera.

The research activities of the internationally recognized expert on mitochondrial medicine, MUDr. Kučera, were recognized in 2000 through the 2000 IMMA-Prize for the clinically relevant achievement of results in this area.

1970 – graduated – Faculty of Pediatrics at Charles University in Prague

1970–71– assistant – Department of Clinical Pharmacology – Pharmacological Institute at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague

1972–81– an intern in the army and in various leadership positions

1974 – attestation of first degree internal medicine

1976– attestation of the organization and management of health care as well as the organization and management of second degree military medicine

1982–93– internist and head physician of a health center in Libya

1994–99 – doctor for physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation, Thermal Sanatorium, Karlovy Vary

1994 – mitochondrial and bioregulatory medicine within the work in the Thermal Sanatorium

1999 – privately operates in the field of mitochondrial and bioregulatory medicine, Clinic for Mitochondrial and Bioregulatory Medicine in Karlovy Vary

1994 – cooperation with Prof. Dr. R. M. Baevský (Institute for Bio-medical Problems at the Academy of Science of the Russian Federation) in the application of space medicine in practice, mostly in the areas of prevention and the strengthening of stress adaptation mechanisms